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NCEA Maths

Our NCEA Maths group tutorials cover a comprehensive range of topics that will build your confidence with NCEA Maths internal assessments and NCEA Maths external examinations.

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 Mathematics & Statistics

What will I learn with my online tutor during our online group tutorials?

NCEA students will learn the correct structural processes within Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Measurement, Statistics and Probability, and/or Trigonometry. NCEA students can investigate, form conclusions, solve problems and conduct experiments through a practical and theoretical lens. The online tutor will provide demonstrations as well as provide NCEA students with opportunities to conduct, explore and investigate solutions as well. What better way to investigate and bounce ideas than to do this with like-minded NCEA Mathematicians!

Why is it important to learn a variety of Mathematics?

NCEA students need to learn how to investigate and develop sound logical minds to make sense of the wider world. Mathematics provides NCEA students with the opportunities to understand how to observe and develop shapes and inventions; count and understand probability and chance. It also allows students to understand the link between what forms from an exact process and what can be altered.

What if I already know how to count?

Mathematics is so much more than counting and it exists within everything that we see and experience. Buildings, cars, the way we move, the sports we play - it all has Mathematical influences and constructs. If you explore Mathematics more in depth, you may notice and enjoy investigations and making sense of this complex world we live in. Being able to soundboard ideas and findings with others tends to be a lot of fun for NCEA students as well. 


NCEA Physics 

What will I learn with my online tutor during our online group tutorials?

NCEA students will learn a variety of Mathematical Physics investigations through theoretical and practical tasks. They may look into non-linear mathematical relationships, waves, mechanics, as well as the study of electricity and/or electromagnetism. With the use of demonstrations, through video chat and online documents, NCEA students can feel confident focusing on Mathematical practices, analysis and investigations together with their online tutor. 


Why is it important to learn about Physics?

NCEA students must gain a broader understanding of how things work, from can openers to cars to organs in their body. The idea and analysis of mechanics will provide NCEA students with the ability to be able to understand how matter interacts and operates in our physical world. 

NCEA Physics challenges NCEA students to strive to become theorists, investigators and mechanical engineers. 

NCEA students see the value of engaging in investigations and Mathematical practices with their online tutor. This is because our online group tutorials build confidence in NCEA students, where they will become confident in understanding, investigating and developing mechanical tests. What better way to achieve this than with likeminded NCEA Physicians!

What if I would only like support with my NCEA Physics exams?

The best part about group tutorials is that if all participants choose to work solely on their exam studies, then it is possible for all members to partake in Physic exam preparation tutorials. The online tutor has a variety of activities and resources to use to build confidence with NCEA Maths exams. This includes making sure students know how to read a question properly and answer it with examples and evidence. One on one online tuition is also available and might be better suited for you.

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NCEA Exams

What will I learn with my online tutor during our online group tutorials?

NCEA students will learn the rules and processes for sitting an NCEA Mathematics exam. The NCEA student will learn how to collect information for their study prep, read an NCEA exam question properly and following key words appropriately, as well as practice adding examples, evidence and a critical opinion to a typical NCEA exam question. The online tutor will provide a variety of different typical NCEA exam problems to solve as well as resources to practice with. The group will collate material together which they can use for their exam studies.


Why is it important to prepare for NCEA exams?

It is important to be prepared for Mathematics exams as the NCEA student may feel overwhelmed when in the official exam. This is because it is a different set up to their usual assessments. NCEA students have an allocated time and strict NCEA conditions, therefore having a plan and being able to know more about what to expect can alleviate some of the pressure.


NCEA students undergo a series of NCEA external examinations. Each school enrols students in one or more NCEA examination papers. It is appropriate that the NCEA student studies the NCEA approved texts in the classroom.

  1.  NCEA exam 1 focuses on Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Probability

  2. NCEA exam 2 focuses on Algebra, Calculus, and Probability

  3. NCEA exam 3 focuses on Algebra, Calculus, Statistics and Probability

  4. NCEA Physics exams focus on wave systems and electricity/electromagnetism.

In our online group tutorials, the online tutor may view NCEA Maths course outlines to become familiar with NCEA internal and external assessment allocations, then the online tutor will work together with the NCEA students to practice answering typical NCEA exam questions. 

What if I am feeling anxious about the NCEA Maths exams?

NCEA students may feel anxiety over their NCEA external exams, so it is comforting for them to practice the process of sitting exams with our online tutors.  As we are qualified teachers who have taught to NCEA examinations, our online tutor knows how to alleviate the pressures of sitting exams. We do this by practising answering typical NCEA external questions and talk about the process. 

Students are also fantastic cheerleaders who encourage those in their team to succeed. In a safe environment like our group tutorials, students will support each other to take risks and learn successfully together.

Our Tutoring Services

Support with NCEA 

Our qualified teachers will mentor your child through their NCEA assessments.

Support with anxiety and learning needs

We plan online lessons to suit your pace and learning needs.

Support with extension

Our friendly experts love providing extension activities for students who strive for excellence.


Our high school tutors are NCEA experts. 


We are all qualified teachers.

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