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Online Tutorials designed to upskill you in:
English - Maths - Science - Drama - Dance

All online tutors are equipped with years of experience teaching high school level subjects. They can teach the right skills to improve confidence and performance in NCEA.

All you need to do is book in with the NZ qualified teacher of your choice and they will upskill you in the areas that you need support in.

Each online tutorial is personalised to suit your goals and learning needs.

Packed with a variety of discussions, resources, written and practical tasks that will build your confidence in the areas you need support in.

Our online tutorials have been designed for students attending school and home-school, in Palmerston North and anywhere in NZ. This includes online tutorials for NCEA and the NZ Curriculum.

Why you should choose us:


Our Palmerston North tutors are passionate about the subjects they teach.

Our Palmerston North tutors enjoy sharing their qualified skills with their learners. This will inspire you to learn more about the subject.

We get to know you

Our Palmerston North tutors get to know you and how you like to learn


Our Palmerston North tutors like to build positive relationships with their learners so you will feel safe to learn

We are qualified

You will receive expert support from real NZ teachers who have taught high school students for many years.


Our Palmerston North tutors are confident with NCEA and can provide expert NCEA advice and mentoring.

Your Own Goals

You and your Palmerston North tutor will plan your own goals together.

This will build your confidence with NCEA and your assessments.

By having your own goals, you will be able to build on your content knowledge quicker than what you would in a classroom. This is because you will have your teacher's 100% focus.

Step by step through NCEA

Our Palmerston North tutors will mentor you through your assessments, so you feel confident with what you need to do.


You will practice exam questions and answers and your Palmerston North tutor will mentor you through the exam format, so you feel confident to sit your exams.  

We are kind and understanding

Our Palmerston North tutors understand how to support learning needs and learning anxieties

Your Palmerston North tutor will mentor you at your own pace. Your Palmerston North tutor has experience teaching students with learning needs and anxieties, so they will create lessons specifically to support you, in an encouraging and effective way.  

Need help deciding? We can help.

How to pick the right Palmerston North tutor for you.

Online Tutoring with Tovah 


“She understands and is very inclusive, especially to Pasifika and Māori roles and pieces. There’s no one I can vouch for more as a better Drama teacher than her.”


“The most relatable, motivating, encouraging and supportive teacher ever.”


“She makes sure everyone feels included and welcome when they’re around her. And the way she teaches makes you want to learn.”
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