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Our Services


One-on-one online tutorials with qualified teachers. The NCEA tutorials are for students needing to go over material learned in the classroom. NCEA assessments and NCEA exam prep available.


Have your skills highlighted and showcased the way you deserve with a professional CV and cover letter(s) made promptly online ready for your job application(s). 

50% off further cover letters.


In-person tutorials with qualified teachers. The one-on-one tutorials are for Waipa students needing support with literacy and numeracy.


Professional writing developed to suit your needs through emails, applications, resignation letters or official complaints. I will communicate your ideas or concerns in a professional way.

Booking & Enquiries:

Our NCEA Tutors

Support with NCEA 

Our qualified teachers will mentor your child through their NCEA assessments.

Support with anxiety and learning needs

We plan online lessons to suit your pace and learning needs.

Support with extension

Our friendly experts love providing extension activities for students who strive for excellence.

5 Star Teaching Reviews!

"The tutors were knowledgeable about the currculum and what the school was timetabled to deliver which was helpful. The tutors connected well with my child and delivered the content in a way she found very helpful and easy to follow. Highly recommend!


"Tovah was so approachable and helpful."


Tovah is sound in her knowledge of drama and of the NZ curriculum. She sees things you wouldn't normally see and I completely trust her judgement and advice as a beginning teacher! Her support and intelligence encourages me to be a better teacher and I can't recommend her enough.


"I was immediately impressed with the detail and structure provided...I mention this as I know that one element of literacy tutoring offered is in formal letter writing, and this demonstrated to me her key knowledge and capability in that area, a valuable skill to pass on to those she teaches."


"Best tutor and teacher ever! Tovah helps you understand and thrive no matter how you learn and is very adaptable"


"Frank is kind. He makes me feel confident about Maths and my assessments."


"Speaking from experience, best teacher you could ask for!"


"Amazing woman. Best teacher out. Would recommend her services 1000%. Have had many friends study through her as well and have gone in to be great successes."


"Tovah has a can do attitude with everything she does! She always has a smile on her face & super friendly
Contact her for all tutoring needs!
You won’t regret it!
Keep up the awesome work :)
Mrs O’Neill"


"Tovah O'Neill was a great way in the path I have chosen in pursuing theatre. Her amazing teaching and kind push for better was what helped me through High School Drama. Without her brilliant teaching, I wouldn't be as far in my course as I am now. She's not only a teacher, she's also a friend. There is never a tutoring divide between Tovah and her students. She understands and is very inclusive, especially to Pasifika and Maori roles and pieces. There's no one I can vouch for more as a better Drama teacher than her."


"Mrs O'Neill is an exceptional drama teacher and had a huge impact on me. I am ever so grateful for the opportunities she gave me and my classmates. That would be Waikato Theatre Sports, Massey University's Create 1 World and just doing things outta the kindness of her heart. She's a lovely lady and an amazing mentor to young performers everywhere."


"She is passionate about what she does and tries her best to know the students 1-1. She greets everybody she meets with the biggest smile. She takes time and diligence with her teaching. She isn’t afraid to have a laugh outside of her teaching persona & let her goofy side shine through. Mrs O’Neill is great at everything she does! If you get the chance to cross paths with her, you will not regret it!"


"When I started drama I was so shy and couldn’t imagine standing up in front of my pairs to act, but Mrs O’Neill was always so supportive and kind. She helped me and many others grow into ourselves and become more confident, I couldn’t have asked for a better drama teacher."


"Mrs O'Neill helped me through so much throughout year 11. It wasn’t a a good year for me. The biggest thing was helping me get my final three credits I needed to pass. I was saying I can’t do it. I just cant. She sat with me and we talked it through and now I passed. And even tho I’m not planning to do anything in drama or acting much anymore. just everything she had done for me there is no words or anything I could do to repay her"


"You were always amazing and helped me when I needed it, you taught me in ways no other teacher could, you supported me through rough times, and even when you changed schools your still kept in contact and updated me on any opportunities that I may be interested in, you were my number 1 supporter and I'll always remember doing that drama course with you."


"Mrs O’Neill was my level 2 drama teacher. She really helped me to come out of my shell and become more comfortable with not only drama but with myself. She makes sure that everyone feels included and welcome when they’re around her and they way she teaches makes you want to learn."


"Tovah is a bright, colourful, mindful and caring person! She always made us laugh!"


"I took drama to boost my confidence and it was you who helped me get there. Without you, I’d still be the shy person I was before. You’re constantly helpful and kind and I know I speak for everyone when I say what a positive change you’ve had on our school and our lives"


"You are the most supportive, caring teacher I've ever had. You would always encourage us and get us to applaud before peoples perfomance to encourage them! And you always gave us a fin prompt for the day that let us use our imagination. You truley were the best teacher I've ever had"


"Awesome teacher, really miss her and her teaching styles."


5 Star CV and Cover Letter Reviews!

"Tovah did such an amazing job... I'm so impressed :) Love her work ethic. Greatly recommended.."


"Fast and Professional.
I used Tovah Tutoring Company to update my CV when applying for my current job, I have recently now used Tovah again for a sponsorship letter to help our wcbb team here in Tairāwhiti. She always is fast and professional and will be using her again.


"All good, quick and hassle free. Thanks"


"My CV is now current and professionally done.
Tovah has done an exceptional CV and cover letter.
She is professional, prompt and affordable.
I highly recommend her services."


"Fast efficient service. Very happy customer. Highly recommended."


"Excellent service and product."


"Tovah is amazing. The tutorial services for the CV and cover letter is precise and accurately written. I am endorsing the services to my colleagues."


"Thankyou for your work, check her mahi out, she'll get u a job."


"Having received a letter of support from Tovah for The Meteor Theatre, I was immediately impressed with the detail and structure provided.

I work as a grant writer in a professional capacity for a charity and letters like hers are priceless in reflecting the scope of impact our organizations do."


"Tovah has helped me with my cv and cover letter. Better than I could imagine. I’m super happy with it. Thank youuuu"


"Tovah helped me with a number or cover letters while I was looking for work. She did a fantastic job making sure they sounded just right for the job I was applying for."


"Very efficient professional service, friendly and understanding the client's needs."


"Tovah has been very helpful. Her advice was valuable and relevant to our business. Highly recommended!!!"


"Tovah was amazing with helping me re-configure my CV and cover letter. It was done in a very timely manner. Great job. Thank you."


"Tovah has been absolutely fabulous with helping me put my CV together and put an application letter together. Her personal service has been prompt, friendly and professional. Great communication and I would highly recommend her service."


"I am really happy with my c.v It is the best thanks alot."


5 Star Professional Writing Reviews!

"I have recently used Tovah again for a sponsorship letter to help our WCBB team here in Tairāwhiti. She always is fast and professional, and I will be using her again."

Lou, Parafed.

"Having received a letter of support from Tovah for The Meteor Theatre, I was immediately impressed with the detail and structure provided."

Ross, Meteor Theatre.

"This is an incredible response, so professional. Still kind but also frank."

Team at Te Awamutu Toy Library

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