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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a CV and Cover Letter cost?

Our Standard CV's are $100 each. Our Deluxe CV's are $400 each. Our Cover Letters are $100 and any further Cover Letters are 50% off. Click here for more details. 


Is online tutoring a good idea?

Teenagers are intelligent. They keep up with technology and have adapted to online learning because it happens in school as well. In some classes, all of their homework and course information is online. So although it may not seem easy to our generation, for our young ones, online learning is the way to go! 
When students learn with us, it is as though we are sitting next to each other. Our lessons occur through video chat and we write on live documents. This means we are able to communicate with one another as though we are next to each other, and the student is able to relax in the comfort of their own home. They get the best of both worlds!

To book in your tutoring sessions, click here.


Do you accept WINZ Quotes?

Absolutely. Send me an email and we can arrange a quote to send to WINZ.  You can also call them and they will find my company's name in their system. This is available for CV and Cover Letters, online tutoring, mentoring and student workshops.


Do you have a payment plan?

Absolutely. I am a mother and understand that sometimes money runs away from us. If you email me, we can work out a payment plan or you can receive support from WINZ. My company is registered with them, so I can make up a WINZ quote for you too. 

This is available for CV and Cover Letters and online tutoring.

To book or enquire Click Here


What are your travel costs?

According to IRD, the current Tier 1 New Zealand mileage cost is 82c per kilometre. Travel costs do not apply to anyone in Te Awamutu.


Would you be interested in supporting a local community or fundraiser?

Absolutely. I truly believe a safe and supportive community is important for children to be a part of and contribute to. We may offer vouchers, advertising support, and/or voluntary support, upon request and assessment.


My kids are homeschooled. Are you able to support their learning?

Absolutely. I have two options:
1.) Online tuition 2.) At home tuition. Online tuition is offered to any student in New Zealand. At home tuition may be available in the Waikato/Waipa region. This includes travel costs. We also have tutors in the North Island available, town or city dependent.

To book or enquire Click Here


What is a typical tutoring lesson like?

It depends on the type of tuition you wish to receive. We start with sharing how the week has been for you and what questions you would like me to answer for the week. We will then work through a personalised resource that your tutor has developed that caters to your needs. This will help upskill you in a specific area that is relevant to your own goals. We would also use visual resources, online resources, practical experiences or discussions to understand and apply your skills into your everyday life or the subject from which you are receiving tuition for. We would finish with a reflection and come up with an achievable goal(s) to work on for the week. This is applicable to Online tutoring, external tutoring, and Jobseeker CV / Cover Letter tuition.


How are your services different from another tutoring service?

I think all tutors have something great to offer. We are all qualified teachers so you will receive quality tuition. All of our staff are experts in the subjects they teach and have experience teaching in a classroom for many years. We also cater to anxiety, language barriers and learning needs. We offer online tuition options for Waipa, Waikato, Cambridge, Te Awamutu, Hamilton, Auckland, and anywhere else in New Zealand. To enquire Click here.


Do you offer free consultations?

Absolutely. It is important to build our programmes around the learner. They are all different and I like to ensure they are listened to, enjoy the learning experience, and find it relevant.
This is available for online tuition.

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