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NCEA Dance

Our NCEA Dance lessons cover a comprehensive range of topics that will build your confidence with NCEA Dance internal assessments and NCEA Dance external examinations. 

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What will I learn with my online tutor during our online tutorials?

NCEA students will learn how to identify, select and use Dance elements and techniques. NCEA students will also look closely into developing motifs and communicating messages through choreography. 

The online tutor will provide a variety of examples, activities and resources to practice with, as well as dancing alongside the NCEA student to support the application and realisation of ideas.

Why is it important to learn how to choreograph movement?

If NCEA students have a broad knowledge of how to perform a message to others, then they will be able to express themselves through creative platforms in their NCEA assessments, as well as, outside in the artistic world. By learning a variety of ways to portray messages, such as using genre and technologies, NCEA students will learn how to entertain, inform and/or persuade audiences in a captivating and impactful manner.

What if I have all the ideas in my head but I just struggle to use them?

This is a common issue within people and it is has something to do with the fact you are using two different skills when trying to perform this task. The first skill is 'thinking', and if done successfully it will happen in your head. The second skill is 'creation' if this is done correctly you will need to develop / invent the way in which you want to communicate it. This is actually a really complex way and is one of the hardest ways of using your brain, so this is why people struggle doing it. 

However, fret not! Our wonderful online tutors are trained in building this skill so you can learn how to use both skills hand in hand. 

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NCEA Exams

What will I learn with my online tutor during our online tutorials?

NCEA students will learn the rules and processes for sitting an NCEA Dance exam. The NCEA student will learn how to collect information for their study prep, read an NCEA exam question properly and follow key words appropriately, as well as practice adding examples, evidence and a critical opinion to a typical NCEA exam question. The online tutor will provide a variety of different typical NCEA exam questions and texts to practice with.

It is important to mention that all NCEA Dance students must watch a staged Dance performance. It is appropriate to study a Dance company and a live performance within your Dance class as well.


Why is it important to learn how to prepare for Dance exams?

It is important to be prepared for Dance exams as the NCEA student may feel overwhelmed when in the official exam. This is because it is a different set up to their usual assessments. NCEA students have an allocated time and strict NCEA conditions, therefore having a plan and being able to know more about what to expect can alleviate some of the pressure. As the majority of Dance assessments rely heavily on a practical approach, NCEA exams can feel out of place, so this skill will need more support than one that is consistently practised. 

NCEA students undergo two NCEA external examinations. It is appropriate that the NCEA student studies the NCEA Dance approved texts in the classroom.

  1.  NCEA exam 1 focuses on a live performance

  2. NCEA exam 2 focuses on a NZ Dance

In our online group tutorials, the online tutor will view NCEA Dance course outline to become familiar with specific genre and Dance Company choices as well as NCEA external assessments the students are enrolled in, then the online tutor will work together with the NCEA group tutorial members to practice answering typical NCEA exam questions. 

What if I am feeling anxious about the NCEA Dance exams?

NCEA students may feel anxiety over their NCEA external exams, so it is comforting for them to practice the process of sitting exams with our online tutors.  As we are qualified teachers who have taught to NCEA examinations, our online tutor knows how to alleviate the pressures of sitting exams. We do this by practising answering typical NCEA external questions and talk about the process. 


Genre & Historical Contexts

What will I learn with my online tutor during our online tutorials?

NCEA students will select a Dance Genre or a mixture of two, this is known as Dance Fusion. The NCEA student will analyse the Dance Genre's practical and theoretical aspects by viewing and applying movement from a variety of sequences and resources. The online tutor can provide advice towards the NCEA student's choices, suggest ideas, teach short sequences, and mentor the student through effective techniques that could be used within their work, however, cannot solely choreograph a NCEA Dance routine.

Why is it important to learn Dance Genres?

NCEA Dance students need to understand how Dance has become what it is today and what has been the influence behind it's transformation. Many different routines and performances have developed from the ideas of long ago. When NCEA Dance students learn how the ideas have been shaped and explored, they will find a new appreciation for the way in which movement and storytelling was performed and the circumstances that came about during, within and after the Dance genre was developed.

In our NCEA Dance online tutorials, the online tutor and the NCEA student will practice responding to a variety of informal and formal NCEA approved resources, so the NCEA student can feel confident knowing how to undergo a genre analysis suitable for their NCEA Dance internals and externals. 

NCEA students see the value in learning the history of dance genre(s) with their online tutor. This is because our online tutorials build confidence in NCEA students, where they will become confident in the practical and theoretical approaches of these assessments.

What if I wish to only focus on preparing for my exams?

The best part about one-on-one tutorials is that it is catered to the individual. This means the online tutor will cover the areas the NCEA student mainly needs support with. The online tutor has a variety of activities and resources to use to build confidence with NCEA Dance exams. This includes making sure students know how to read a question properly and answer it with examples and evidence. 

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