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3 Essential Tips to Boost Your NCEA Grades

I genuinely think the way to improve your grades is finding a tutor who can point you in the right direction.

But there are many factors that contribute to achieving this goal. I will discuss these in this blog.

the NCEA team at Tovah's Tutoring
Tovah's Tutoring NCEA tutoring team

Trust in your NCEA tutor

Firstly, you need to make sure you trust your NCEA tutor to guide you to learn how to develop your skills and practice what you are learning in the classroom. If you don’t trust your NCEA tutor, you may second guess the process and what you are learning, and you may end up in the same position that you were in prior to beginning your NCEA tutorials with them.

Commit to your NCEA learning

Being committed to your learning will help foster your growth. Having the odd tutorial is better than having no tutorials, however, committing to weekly tutorials will allow for you to spend the time, one-on-one with your NCEA tutor to build on your skills. It is really important to know that reading and writing is very similar to other practiced skills (like playing the guitar). If you don’t continue to develop your skills, then there will be no improvement or you may forget aspects of it. Practice also improves on your confidence.

Choose a qualified NCEA tutor

Effective NCEA tutoring is a crucial component of academic success. Making sure your tutor has experience teaching NCEA will be beneficial towards your desired results. When the NCEA tutor can explain concepts, connect terminology with NCEA, and steer your learning towards the desirable result, then you are likely to achieve a better outcome than what you would with someone who doesn’t understand NCEA at all.

How Tovah’s Tutoring Company Ltd will boost your confidence with NCEA

All our tutors at ‘Tovah’s Tutoring Company Ltd’ spend time getting to know our NCEA students. We are also qualified and experienced expert teachers who are confident teaching NCEA. Choosing our services will mean that our NCEA tutors will get to know you and your learning needs, develop personalised goals with you, develop your confidence with NCEA, and will support your learning step by step at the pace that works best for you.

Our NCEA tutorials are relevant and of a high standard. We use video platforms and a variety of applications that you would have used at your school to conduct our NCEA tutorials. With our 5-star Google reviews, students and parents feel comfortable attending our one-on-one tutorials to improve their confidence with NCEA.

All the best,

Remember we have NCEA tutorials to boost your confidence with NCEA and NCEA exam prep:

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