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5 reasons how our services will help NCEA students with their NCEA exams.

Students will find our services valuable for a variety of reasons. Here are the main reasons below.

These teachers are experts in our NCEA subjects and provide effective NCEA tutorials.
We are experts in our NCEA subjects and provide effective NCEA tutorials.

#1: We are qualified NCEA teachers.

We are qualified teachers which means we can provide effective and quality tuition for students. We have been trained to accommodate learning disabilities, extension tasks, and appropriate year levels. Each NCEA tutorial with us will suit your needs.

#2: We are experienced NCEA teachers.

Not only are we qualified, but we are also experienced too. We have all been teaching for many years in a variety of different setting and classroom types. This means we will be able to develop effective and relevant lessons and tutorials that suit your needs.

#3: We are all confident with teaching NCEA assessments.

As we are qualified and experienced teachers, we have learned how to teach NCEA to senior level students. We are trained in a particular subject and have taught and marked relevant NCEA assessments and examinations that you will be currently undergoing. We can help you feel more confident with your NCEA journey.

#4: We are experts in our NCEA subject areas.

To obtain a teaching degree and become qualified in your teaching area, you need to have expert knowledge of your NCEA subject. In some cases, you can achieve a secondary teaching diploma on top of your original subject specific degree. In other cases, you can achieve a Bachelor of Education which focuses on your specified secondary subject as well.

This means that you need to be an expert in your subject area before teaching NCEA in a high school. On top of this, once you have trained and become registered as a teacher, you would have developed up to six years of quality knowledge and experience in your subject area to be classed as a registered NCEA teacher. Our tutors not only are registered and qualified teachers, but we have ample experience in the classroom and some of us even have experience leading teachers in our subject departments. This means, we have experience supporting and helping teachers learn to teach effectively in our subject areas.

Our tutorials are of high quality. You will receive tuition from a qualified and experienced teacher who can support you with your NCEA journey.

#5: We know how to support anxiety and learning needs.

Being an experienced teacher means we have developed strategies and have learned how to effectively accommodate learning needs and student anxieties. Anxiety in particular is a very common reason why parents sign up their children with us. We are calm and welcoming when we run our tutorials and anxious students feel safe under our wings.

Tovah O'Neill

Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd.

NCEA tutorials are available now for your NCEA assessment queries and exam prep support.



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