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5 ways to teach effectively

5 ways to teach effectively according to an NCEA teacher

10 years in Education has meant I have developed an effective and innovative teaching practice. I am confident with planning, maintaining relationships and fostering learning.

There are five things that I make sure when doing my job well.

1.) Know WHO I am teaching

I get to know how the learner thinks and experiences learning while also understanding areas of difficulty and learning disabilities and influences that can have an impact on the way they learn.

2.) Know WHAT I am teaching

I have a confident breadth of content knowledge, historical context and skill building

3.) Know WHY I am teaching

I understand and can educate the learner in the purpose for the knowledge and how it sits in their everyday lives and why it is relevant in the wider world

4.) Know WHEN I am teaching

Having an understanding of when a learner learns best and what may influence the extent of their learning is important e.g. other exams, morning is when optimal focus happens, days of the week, seasonal changes/work best in cold temperatures etc.

5.) Know HOW to teach effectively and innovatively

It is important to have a repertoire of innovative activities, concepts and ways to apply learning that accommodates verbal, visual, auditory, kinaesthetics/kinesthesis, logical, social, individual and group orientation through perceptive practices.

All these factors are considered when delivering an effective lesson and building on the skills of each individual that I teach and mentor.

Time, experience, manaakitanga.


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