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Contracted experience July 2022

Contracted Experience

Where: Artz On Show @ Southwell School When: July School Holidays

Contract to do: Drama / Production teaching to ages 5 -14 years

I hadn’t mentioned this earlier, but this wasn’t my second time working with Artz On Show, it is in fact my third. When I was at university, I worked for Artz On Show, teaching Hip Hop back in 2007. It was great returning to see the same structures occurring and all the kids excited to learn Drama and Dance skills. I really love how many kids in the Waikato community love the Performing Arts. That love stretches right into community theatre, throughout high school competitions and over to university. It is infectious – and I love that so much!

Highlight: My highlight would be seeing their faces light up when they found out I was teaching them. I ended up working only Thursday and Friday (as I had family commitments), so they assumed I wouldn’t be there. Until I walked into the hall on Thursday morning. It was great to see the relationships I had built, still continue through a few months later. Whenever I got the chance, I was encouraging them, praising them, reminiscing with them – so they constantly see how amazing they are. I was always told it only takes one person to believe in someone in order to see progress – and I believe that. I pretend like they don’t have anyone, because you never know if they do or not (kids are good at hiding this from the world). Throughout the two days of me being there, I saw other kids encouraging others and mirroring what I was doing. I also saw shy students lead others, take risks and laugh/relax in the moment. Whenever I could, I would award points to certain groups because of someone that needed the encouragement or someone to notice their achievement.

For example:

  • “Before you go, I’d like to reward an extra point to Green group because I saw [student’s name] has learned all the choreography and is now performing with big actions. It is great to see you believing in yourself [student’s name].”

  • “That was really nice of you, [student’s name], showing her whereabouts the rubbish bin is. That shows great leadership and kindness. Your group will get an extra point.”

  • “[Student’s name] is listening really well. Because of this, I am able to direct this scene easier. Well done, [Student’s name] you get an extra point for your group.”

So that is where my bit of advice comes into play –

It doesn’t take much to praise someone. You don’t need to do it in an official way, at the end of each lesson in front of everyone (although this is a great time to do it, there are other times). You can walk passed them and tell them what they are doing well in a brief manner, and that will give them the extra boost they need to feel confident. Because praise in infectious and sought out for, it is likely the ones around them will also want to try more as well and that’s a great time to praise students for following others in a positive way.

Praising students is one way of showing you listen to them, you hear them, you see them and above all else you care about them.

It is such a great way to build relationships and doesn’t require you to know the person. If you just say what you see that is working for them, that’s all is needed to be said.

For example,

If you see someone taking a pencil out of a pencil case. You can say the following about it:

  • Wow, it’s great to see you have your pencil case. That shows you are very organised, well done!

  • Great to see you have come prepared with a sharpened pencil. You know how to think ahead – that’s such a great skill to have

  • [While they are colouring in] I love that you are using yellow to colour in your flower and that you are concentrating on colouring in between the lines. That shows me you care about your work and you are very focused. great job! Yellow is such a happy colour too!

Time, experience, manaakitanga

Lots of interesting drawings from my younger students to say thank you for teaching them. It was neat to see them drawing me. It shows me I am one of their role models.


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