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Does online tutoring really work?

I typed 'online tutoring' into Google today and the first question that pops up is: Does private tutoring really work?

In short, yes, absolutely, it does!

Here's why:

'Years and Curriculum Levels' retrieved from

It is a chance to work on what YOU need to work on, not just what the whole class needs.

In a learning classroom, teachers have levels that each student needs to meet. These are known in NZ as curriculum levels. Inside these, are tasks that are age appropriate for their year level e.g., year 13 sit at level 8. But in reality, not everyone sits at their year level. Some students need support with different skills, and this is why our online tutoring is beneficial, because we work on the skills you need to work on, so you are sitting at your right year level or above.

Learning happens best when the student feels safe to learn.

Private tutoring allows for anxious students to ask questions they are too afraid to ask in front of an entire classroom.

It can be scary asking questions in front of the class. Maybe you feel worried your questions might feel dumb (no question is, but sometimes it might feel that way), maybe you are worried people might laugh at your question, maybe the thought of speaking is generally scary? There are many reasons why students don't put their hands up in class, but something impactful happens when they don't ask questions... they don't know what to do and stay silent about it. Online tutoring allows for students to feel safe to ask those questions and work on the areas they are too scared to improve on in the classroom.

It can be scary asking questions in front of the class.

It gives students a moment to breathe without the chaos of classrooms. A reality is that many classrooms have students with uncontrollable or ongoing bad behaviour. This means that many other students trying to learn don't feel they can in this environment. It can be because they are overwhelmed by the high-volume levels, the disruptive students intimidate others, or the behaviour can be distracting. Regardless of the reasons, online tutoring is a great way to learn in an environment that is safe and without ongoing bad behaviour of others.

One on one online tutoring means students can learn in a safe space, their own homes.

Learning happens best when the student feels safe to learn. Without safety, students will need to use their survival skills to focus, and this is emotionally draining for them. By learning in a safe environment, like your own home, the learner is able to relax and focus all of their energy into building their skills, learning and studying.

I always feel that no learning is bad learning. The more you learn the more you understand skills.

I say no learning is bad learning because even the most horrible learning experiences in life teach you things about yourself. In saying this, this only applies to the areas I have experienced first-hand.

I feel learning can be placed into four categories:

1.) New learning - something relevant that you learn that can be adapted.

2.) Revisited learning - something you have learned before that needs refreshing to remember.

3.) Not currently relevant learning - something you have learned that you feel may have no use right now but possibly in the future could be used.

4.) Incorrect learning - something you have learned that is incorrect. This can be eliminated from your skillset and revisited by improving the pathway of the skill to how it should be.

Online tuition is available this year for NCEA students. We have experienced teachers who can teach NCEA English, Maths, Science, Drama and Dance.

Time, Experience, Manaakitanga.

Tovah O'Neill

Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd

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