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Everything you need to know about NCEA English assessments from an expert teacher (part 4)

Everything you need to know about NCEA English

Hello NCEA student! You've made it to your senior years at high school - Congrats! It's great to see you looking for a head's up on your NCEA English assessments! – I have great news, you've come to the right person, because I'm an NCEA English expert!

Here are the ins and outs of NCEA English! Part Four! Check out part one about NCEA English exams, part two about the NCEA English creative assessments, and part three which focuses on the connections essay - if you haven't already.

This blog will cover the NCEA English assessment under: Making Meaning: Information Literacy.

anxious students coming together for NCEA English assessments.
Supporting anxious students sitting NCEA English assessments matters to me.

Making meaning through information literacy will require NCEA students to develop questions and research the answers. It is a fun, investigative assessment.

A brief introduction about me and Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd.

Here's another brief introduction about my business and who I am. Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd has been tutoring New Zealand high school learners since February 2022. My team and I are qualified and experienced teachers, in NCEA English, NCEA Physics, NCEA Chemistry, NCEA Drama and NCEA Dance. We have been "in the teaching game" for many years and have had leadership roles in our retrospective schools, so when I mean that we are experts, I meant it! For me, I have been teaching for over 12 years and have taught NCEA English, NCEA Drama and/or NCEA Dance in a variety of Waikato/Waipa/Auckland high schools.

So, I can say with confidence that I am an expert in these subjects and know the ins and outs of each NCEA assessment.

Here is the NCEA English assessment I will be covering in this blog:

#1: NCEA ENGLISH Information Literacy skills


#1: NCEA ENGLISH Information Literacy Skills

The Information Literacy Skills assessments are based on research projects. Students come up with a variety of "what", "why" and "how" questions about a topic of their choice and delve into answering the questions using a variety of resources such as internet websites, encyclopaedias, visual texts (video clips and documentaries) and non-fictional texts.

So, they craft their answers formally, NCEA students write in an essay structure answering each question in a paragraph format. The students will focus on discussing their findings and the researching process. It is appropriate for students to also learn referencing techniques, and a common one use is APA referencing.

If you would like to view official NCEA Information Literacy (Level 2) examples, you can do so here.

Examples of NCEA Information Literacy Questions:

Cult mentality:

  • Why do cults hide an abusive system from the public?

  • What are cults hiding from the public?

  • How do cults hide their abusive system from the public?

Carbon Emissions:

  • What do carbon emissions do to the environment?

  • Why do carbon emissions negatively affect the environment?

  • How can we prevent carbon emissions from harming the environment?

It is appropriate from NCEA students to develop a chart to fill in their findings. It helps with developing content for their essay. I would recommend a column for each question and then a row each for the following areas: date, title, publisher, summary, quotes, personal realisation.

NCEA English Personal Responses are all about expressing your critical opinion
NCEA English information literacy is all about researching an answer to your questions.

If you'd like support with this, I can help through our NCEA group tutorials - I am a qualified NCEA English teacher with confidence teaching NCEA English and supporting students with NCEA English exams.

See you in one of my NCEA English group tutorials!

There are a variety of NCEA group tutorials available including NCEA English and other NCEA subjects. BOOK NOW!
There are a variety of NCEA group tutorials available including NCEA English and other NCEA subjects. BOOK NOW!

Tovah O'Neill

Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd






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