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Poetry resources


I am now the proud owner of a few new books. I love poems. I enjoy reading them, writing them, analysing them. Poems are great because not only do you get to hear someone's story, but you get to feel the rhythm of their words.

P.S. Check out 'Requiem for a Fruit' a highly respected and perceptive poet wrote it.

I have workshops on story telling, writing, drama, dance and confidence building to share with the world.

Time, experience, manaakitanga

Revisited 31st August, 2022:

I think it is important to upskill and look into new texts. Not only is it empowering to hold more knowledge but it is great to read relevant texts that express their experiences and emotions about current times in such expressive ways.

I am always walking passed books and thinking about how I can use them in the classroom. My favourite is comedy because most comedians have a beautiful history and their work usually has expressive undertones which is so wonderful to explore with children.



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