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Student feedback

Although this isn't connected with my business, it is still wonderful to share the joy with you all!

Here is some awesome feedback from learning Drama, Dance and Slam Poetry with Pekapekarau primary school this year.

Student feedback from my teaching experience in Primary schools this year:

What have you enjoyed this year?

  • We enjoy you. We enjoy spending time with you!

  • Enjoyed the games

  • Can reach my full potential

  • I like acting on the stage

  • Acting with my friends

  • It was funny

  • We liked the games at the end (kids get to play games at the end of class)

  • If you don't want to do it you can have time until you want to do it (I check in on their nerves and also if they need more time to practise, which they appreciate)

  • I enjoyed making Drama scenes with my friends

  • I enjoyed watching other people's creations

  • I liked the dance

  • I liked the berries and cream act we did

  • I liked the wings of fire act we did

  • I like that we are able to work as a team

  • Kindness song

  • Seaweed game

  • It was really fun to try new things

  • We liked acting the most and the games

  • What I liked was the showcases on the stage (drew a picture of it)

  • I enjoyed acting in front of people

  • Acting with my friends and some new people

  • Being able to embrace my self

  • Choreographing our routines

  • You can enjoy yourself

  • The games are fun

  • You can get more confident when you are acting

  • You can be funny

  • I like dancing

  • It is fun

  • Drama

  • Crashing the bus (drew a picture of it)

  • We like acting it is fun

Time, Experience, Manaakitanga.

Tovah O'Neill

Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd


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