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Revising Content: The importance of revisiting skills

Today in a year 9 class, I asked how to say purple and orange in maaori (te reo). When I heard how, I immediately thought "THAT'S RIGHT!"

I am always wanting to upskill and relearn.

Relearning, revising and remembering content are important skills.

It's been so long since I learned colours in reo that I had forgotten. Practising learning and revisiting content is something important to keep doing. Sometimes I will do little activities in my lessons so content is revised. Education and experiences are two things that we keep for life so we might as well cherish them and keep the skills going strong.

Ka mihi ahau ki nga matauranga kei a au / I appreciate the knowledge I have.

P.s. A student made me this box at the end of the lesson. Was very nice of them to gift it to me.

Time, experience, manaakitanga.


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