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3 Tips for a successful job interview (Part 2)

It is common for people to feel anxious about job interviews. As I say to my students, anxiety comes from the fact you care about something.

But one way to alleviate some of that pressure, is to practice.

Here is the 2nd part of 3 blogs which provide tips for a successful job interview:

Advice for job interviews is use keywords
Employers will prick their ears when they hear you sound like the person they are after.

Tip #4 Use the keywords in their job description and job advertisement which discusses what they are looking for in a candidate in your job interview

They know what they would like in an employee, so they will be looking for these key aspects in your answers. Seems obvious once I mention it, aye?

plan your outfit to your job interview
Plan your outfit the night before shows you are prepared

Tip #5 Know what you will wear and make sure it reflects what others wear in the company in your job interview

Planning what you will wear and having it ready to go (even the night before) will stop you from stressing and throwing any old thing on. Reflecting what others wearing who are already employed at the company will help the employer envision you in the company as well.

If you are going for a position in education or office, then here are a few other tips:

  • If you have a blazer, wear one

  • If you have black pants, wear them

  • Bever wear anything you can see down, up and through

time management is important with job interviews
Arrive prompt to show you value time amangement

Tip #6 Arrive 10 minutes early for your job interview

Arriving around 10mins before the interview shows you value time management and are reliable to be present on time for any interview. If you arrive 30 minutes prior, then it is likely the employer might feel unprepared themselves, so make sure you are there at a suitable time.

Best of luck with your job interview. Make sure you have a professional CV and Cover Letter developed from Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd, as it will showcase your skills.

Tovah O'Neill

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This blog was written with some assistance from Canva's AI. Some sentences will include both verbatim and my own personal writing. I write this statement below to acknowledge and reference Canva's AI.


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