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3 tips for a successful job interview (Part 3)

It is common for people to feel anxious about job interviews. As I say to my students, anxiety comes from the fact you care about something.

But one way to alleviate some of that pressure, is to practice

Here is the 3rd part of 3 blogs which provide tips for a successful job interview:

professional cv
Our Standard CV is only $100 each and it showcases your skills, professionally!

Tip #7 Bring a copy of your CV and Cover Letter made by Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd for your job interview

It is always good to bring along a copy of your CV and Cover Letter as you can refer to it while you are answering questions and it is prepared evidence of your skills. I develop personalise CV and Cover Letters for any job, that showcase your skills. By having one of my CV and Cover Letters available to view at your job interview, you can look professional and prepared for the job of your dreams!

anxiety advice
Speaking on the exhale makes you breathe!

Tip #8 Talk on the Exhale in your job interview

If you are an anxious person you may find that you store your energy in your throat when you talk. You may find you don't breathe out and the more you talk the less breath is flowing. So if you can, take a breath in, but then speak on the exhale. When you do that, you will bring your breath back to a rhythm that is healthy and more controlled.

job interview belief
Believe you are the right person for the job.

Tip #9 Believe in yourself in your job interview

It seems corny - but in truth, if you don't believe you can do it, then how will strangers?

So go into your job interview thinking the following:

  • I have done this job before so I am capable of this position

  • I enjoy this job so I will bring passion to this position

  • I chose this position because it best suited my situation

  • I chose this position because it will benefit me / advance me / challenge me / develop my experience

Best of luck with your job interview. Make sure you have a professional CV and Cover Letter developed from Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd, as it will showcase your skills.

Tovah O'Neill

Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd.



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This blog was written with some assistance from Canva's AI. Some sentences will include both verbatim and my own personal writing. I write this statement below to acknowledge and reference Canva's AI.


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