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3 tips for NCEA students to prepare for their NCEA exams.

That time of the year is approaching where NCEA students are practicing for their NCEA exams and are undergoing their NCEA mock exams.

Being prepared for your NCEA exams will help you undergo your NCEA exams confidently.
Being prepared for your NCEA exams will help you undergo your NCEA exams confidently.

NCEA Mock exams are designed for two reasons:

1.) To practice for the real NCEA exams so they know what to prepare and what skills to develop for the official NCEA exams at the end of the year.

2.) To have as a reserve grade, if something happens to the student and they cannot attend the official NCEA exams. It is important to note that you will require to provide strict evidence if you cannot attend, which includes a medical certificate along with a sound reason.

Tip #1: Book in weekly online NCEA tutorials with us.

Making sure you know what to do in the NCEA assessment is important. You also need to know how to answer NCEA questions properly. It is one thing to "cram" and practice for the NCEA exam, it is another thing to be able to answer NCEA questions properly and know what you are meant to be studying for the NCEA exam(s). By signing up to our online NCEA tutorials, you will be able to ask questions, receive feedback on your skills and work efforts, as well as practice sitting NCEA exams with the guidance and support from our qualified and experienced teachers.

Tip #2: Build an official bank of NCEA study notes.

You and your NCEA tutor will build-up NCEA exam notes together so you know that your study notes are relevant and will help you retain the right content knowledge. Working weekly with your online NCEA tutor teacher will mean you can continue to develop a sound amount of NCEA notes and content knowledge to answer the questions with more confidence.

Tip #3: Keep mindful and happy while studying for your NCEA exams.

Studying is most definitely important when you want to reach your potential with your NCEA exams. However, you need to make sure you are looking after yourself too - and that means giving your brain time to recharge, reset and relax! So, drink plenty of water, have rests between NCEA study sessions, and have a good night's sleep. When your brain is happy and healthy, it can be utilised to its full extent. If you are drowsy, drained and overstimulated, your brain will forget things and become foggy.

Our qualified tutor teachers support your health and wellbeing. Remember as an NCEA student and teenager, you are still figuring out the world around you and learning who you are (inside and out). So be kind to yourself, be ok with the idea of succession and failure, and do things you love to do.

All the best with your NCEA exams. We are always here when you need us.

Tovah O'Neill

Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd






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