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Analysing videos for NCEA exams 2

As a qualified and experienced teacher, I have the skills to write and analyse perceptively, which are key components for teaching students all about their NCEA exams.

TIKTOK video analysis for NCEA Dance exam practice

As a way to show what kinds of areas I focus on, for analysing NCEA exams, I have created short video clips that showcase what we (my students and I) look at. The areas I discuss align with the questions within student NCEA exams.

Here is an example:

Part 1:

Tovah's Tutoring analyses videos for NCEA exams
Tovah's Tutoring analyses videos for NCEA exams

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

This is a quick insight into discussing Dance.

To book your child in for online tuition, especially with mock exams and the areas they need support with, you can contact me and my team through the following ways:



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