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What will I learn in my NCEA English group tutorial?

3 Questions about our NCEA English group tutorials answered.

group tutorial schedule  which supports NCEA exams
Our NCEA group tutorials prepare students for NCEA exams.

NCEA English group tutorials are available now. They are designed to prepare NCEA students for NCEA exams. We use a variety of activities to make sure students know the basics and can develop their answers for further grades.

What will I learn with my online tutor during our online tutorials?

NCEA students will learn the correct structure for writing paragraphs and essays with their online tutor. The NCEA student will learn how to add examples, evidence and a critical opinion to their paragraphs and essays. The online tutor will provide a variety of different texts to practice with.

Why is it important to learn how to write a structured paragraph?

NCEA students must learn how to write paragraphs to communicate their opinions and their understanding of different texts that they study. NCEA students use paragraphs when writing NCEA essays, NCEA speeches, NCEA personal responses, NCEA research tasks, NCEA practice exams and NCEA external exams.

This is why it is important to learn how to write paragraphs and is a focus point within our NCEA lessons.

What if I already know how to write an NCEA paragraph?

If the NCEA student already knows how to write sound paragraphs, then developing sophisticated language and/or critical analysis discussions will be the focus point.


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