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What will I learn in my NCEA Physics group tutorial?

3 Questions about our NCEA Physics group tutorials answered.

group tutorial schedule  which supports NCEA exams
Our NCEA group tutorials prepare students for NCEA exams.

NCEA Physics group tutorials are available now. They are designed to prepare NCEA students for NCEA exams. We use a variety of activities to make sure students know the basics and can develop their answers for further grades.

What will I learn with my online tutor during our online group tutorials?

NCEA students will learn a variety of Mathematical Physics investigations through theoretical and practical tasks. They may look into non-linear mathematical relationships, waves, mechanics, as well as the study of electricity and/or electromagnetism. With the use of demonstrations, through video chat and online documents, NCEA students can feel confident focusing on Mathematical practices, analysis and investigations together with their online tutor.

Why is it important to learn about Physics?

NCEA students must gain a broader understanding of how things work, from can openers to cars to organs in their body. The idea and analysis of mechanics will provide NCEA students with the ability to be able to understand how matter interacts and operates in our physical world. NCEA Physics challenges NCEA students to strive to become theorists, investigators and mechanical engineers. NCEA students see the value of engaging in investigations and Mathematical practices with their online tutor. This is because our online group tutorials build confidence in NCEA students, where they will become confident in understanding, investigating and developing mechanical tests. What better way to achieve this than with likeminded NCEA Physicians!

What if I would only like support with my NCEA Physics exams?

The best part about group tutorials is that if all participants choose to work solely on their exam studies, then it is possible for all members to partake in Physic exam preparation tutorials. The online tutor has a variety of activities and resources to use to build confidence with NCEA Maths exams. This includes making sure students know how to read a question properly and answer it with examples and evidence. One on one online tuition is also available and might be better suited for you.


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