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Students leaving before the bell

Students leaving before the bell

Sometimes, students try to leave early. Their incentives are getting to be at the front of the canteen line, trying to get across the school without being late, because they want to get changed before everyone else in PE to play with the equipment longer.

There are tonnes of reasons!

It isn't a reflection on the teacher, it tends to be for their own personal reasons.

Some kids follow others and then change their minds. When this happens, it is important to acknowledge their conscience. Although they did something bad, they changed their mind and tried to correct it. It is a good thing. Students are just learning to be good members of society. So learning means they won't get it right every time.

Try not to focus too much on scolding children for breaking rules, try focus on praising them for correcting their wrongs.

For the ones that leave, you can tell them they ignored their conscience during that moment and it is important to keep listening to your conscience because it is what helps you be good to others and know what is right and wrong in this world.


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