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A Surprising Study Hack That Can Boost Your NCEA Results!

Achieving great NCEA results can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be a daunting task. There are many study hacks that can help you improve your performance and maximize your potential. Here is a surprising study hack that can boost your NCEA results - teaching!

NCEA students role model in their NCEA tutorials
When NCEA students role model in their NCEA tutorials, they can showcase their hard work and feel good about their learning.

Everyone has talents that should be celebrated. For some, communication is that very thing. If you are able to communicate well, you may be able to use this skill to reinforce your understanding of your exam studies, by helping others from your NCEA subject class.

Teach another NCEA student.

Believe or not, but if you pass on your knowledge to another NCEA student, it will help you retain information and reinforce your understanding. Having the chance to teach someone places you in a situation where you feel confident while also experiencing something positive. The wonderful thing about positive experiences is that you will likely remember this act of kindness on the day of your NCEA exam, therefore, you may recall the content you taught someone else.

What are two ways our tutor teachers reinforce this idea within our NCEA tutorials?

Ask students to explain an answer in their own words

This tool is used just in case other students don't understand our explanations, so a teen friendly version may work more in their favour.

Have student leaders

This tool is similar to the first one, by having NCEA students lead by example, it provides a teen friendly version of the answer, and it also boosts confidence in the leaders. Being a role model is an important and rewarding job for students and they appreciate knowing they can support others with their own developing expertise.

What are the benefits of role modelling to other NCEA students?

  • NCEA Students feel positive about their learning

  • NCEA Students reinforce their understanding of content knowledge

  • It develops an NCEA student's emotional and social skills

  • It develops an NCEA student's critical thinking and independent skills

Teaching others is a surprising hack for that can boost your NCEA results. If you attend our NCEA tutorials, you will have the chance to showcase the content you learned, in group activities. You'll also be given the chance to showcase your learning to your online tutors in the one-on-one sessions as well. I know for me, in particular, I like to have the students show me what they'd do if I wasn't there. They feel amazing when they find out they can do things on their own, and when they know they are capable, they like to spread the joy with others and show them how to do things too. I love celebrating the successes with my NCEA students. I am very proud of each and every one of them.

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