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Let's meet the NCEA tutorial team!

A brief look into our NCEA Tutor Teachers at 'Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd.'

Are you wondering what our tutor teachers are like? Here's a quick look into what they get up to in their tutorials and what students have said about their NCEA tutorials.

3 tutors with expert knowledge of NCEA
Our expert teachers know the ins and outs of NCEA tutorials.

Frank is our Physics teacher. He is a great guy because he understands his learners. Frank will work with the students to help them understand the content. He uses a writing camera so students can see the process he is teaching and how to do it physically. Many students have appreciated how Frank teaches. He works at their own pace and always makes sure they are feeling comfortable with their learning.

Latika is our Chemistry teacher. She has many years of experience teaching Chemistry in high school. She currently works in Auckland at a high school teaching NCEA Chemistry. Latika has a warm and friendly manner that students appreciate. Students have valued her tutorials as she breaks things down so the students can really get the hang of what they are learning.

Luckly last, me, Tovah the English, Drama and Dance teacher. I have also been a manager of my department and written and directed high school productions. Students have found my tutorials beneficial as they walk away feeling ready to tackle their NCEA assessments and feel more confident with their learning. I understand anxiety and what it is like to be shy. I accommodate this into my teaching. Students value that I support them with a warm and friendly personality, and I listen to their learning needs.

Choosing staff for NCEA tutorials

Tovah has specifically chosen online tutors who are warm, friendly, and relatable to the learner. It is important that all learners that receive our amazing online services feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. She believes an effective teacher is someone with a kind-hearted manner, a passion for the subject you teach, and an interest in getting to know the learner. This is what you'll find at Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd.

Tovah O'Neill Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd
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