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The surprising benefits of NCEA tutorials.

Did you know that there are surprising benefits when paying for NCEA tutorials with Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd? Our team of experts is passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping you achieve your goals through our NCEA tutorials.

Allow me to elaborate on the benefits!

Girl finds that Tovah's Tutoring provides convenient and purposeful NCEA tutorials.
Tovah's Tutoring provides convenient and purposeful NCEA tutorials.

Benefit #1: Personalised Attention during your NCEA tutorials.

When you book in your online tutorials with our qualified teachers, you will receive effective support that is personalised to suit your needs.

It is of value to know that a qualified teacher is trained to specifically work on student needs. They have learned how to accommodate extension tasks, disabilities, learning needs, anxiety, personality traits, and supporting age groups as well. When an unqualified tutor hasn't been trained to accommodate this into their tutoring. You can find former high school students and other unqualified tutoring companies who provide good tuition options; however, a qualified teacher is trained in the ins and outs of NCEA, the curriculum, and how to work with specific learning and behaviour needs.

Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd tutor teachers have many years of experience running departments and teaching in the classroom. They have developed assessments and marked them, so they are confident with the content and how to deliver it, appropriately. All of the teachers that tutor at Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd are confident with the NCEA content as well as designing our tutorials to suit you and your needs!

Benefit #2: Convenience in comfort during your NCEA tutorials.

Because our tutorials are online, NCEA students are able to attend our tutorials from any destination that provides them with an internet connection. Many NCEA students these days have more than one home they reside in and sometimes they are on the go with other extra-curricular commitments.

Sometimes parents or the student is unable to send them out to a tutor, especially during 5 o'clock traffic times. Having the tutorial available online in the comfort of their own home means that they can save on petrol costs. It also means they manage their time productively by immediately starting the NCEA tutorial at the time they would prefer (without the stresses of being stuck in traffic etc.).

When NCEA students learn in their comfort of their own homes they are more relaxed as well. They can use their own computers and laptops, sit in their favourite places in their house, and feel more open to learning. When students are placed in an environment where they are stimulated by many things, they can be distracted and defensive. This can hinder their learning and can occur when they are in new environments that they aren't aware of, around people they don't know well, or in a temperature of a room they don't like e.g., freezing air conditioning or brightly lit office space.

So, being in the comfort of their own home while trusting our qualified and highly experienced teachers, they will trust in us and put more emphasis and energy into their learning.

Benefit #3: Storing study notes is convenient and organised for your NCEA tutorials and NCEA exam studies.

Our tutorials are developed online so that students are able to log on to the video conference and into their personalised folders to access easily. Within their folders they have all the information they have gathered with their tutor teachers, as well as any study notes they have gathered from outside the NCEA tutorial session. Being online, they can be anywhere in the world that offers an internet connection, and they can log on and study!

If they didn't have this option, they may lose some papers or leave a book in the classroom. So having everything online prepares them and keeps them highly organised. It is a convenient way of locating all of their hard work and resources they need to have an effective NCEA tutorial with us and also prepare them for their NCEA exams.

It has been appreciated by NCEA students that I have supplied them with online material that they can take away on Sports trips or overseas trips, that they can read through online while they are away. I know if they took their original copies in book or page form, then the students would run the risk of losing material, leaving it behind, or it becomes a burden to cart around with them (when they aren't using it).

I know even when teaching quite a few years back, I would run into the problem of students leaving their worksheets at the other parent's residence and therefore I'd need to print it out again, so they'd have a copy on them for the lesson. So, it is of value to have all their notes and worksheets available for them online. It is definitely appreciated and more convenient for them.

Benefit #4: Qualified Educators and purposeful content within your NCEA tutorials.

My fellow staff members and I are experienced and qualified teachers. Our knowledge is of a high calibre, and when we run NCEA tutorials they are always effective, purposeful and engaging for the NCEA student. We use techniques and activities that relate to our NCEA students. I am proud to work alongside such a wonderful group of teachers.

With our many flawless reviews on Google and over the years teaching, we are confident that we provide excellent service that is worth every dollar spent.

We all have high success rates with our students. Where, they leave our tutorials feeling confident about their learning and excited to share and use the skills they've developed with us.

NCEA tutorials are available now:

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Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd





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