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Get Smarter in Seconds with this NCEA study hack!

Would you like to think smarter? Would you like to make sure you are learning during your NCEA study sessions?

Get smarter in seconds with this incredible NCEA study hack. It's a powerful skill known as reflection.

NCEA tutorial reflection
It is important to be able to notice the areas you find easy and difficult so that your NCEA tutorials are purposeful.

How can I be a gun at Self Reflection to improve my NCEA results?

Reflection is a valuable skill that can help NCEA students gain a deeper understanding of their learning. By taking the time to reflect on their actions, emotions, successes and difficulties, NCEA students can gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses.

If an NCEA student reflects regularly, they are able to see what areas they can focus on during their next NCEA tutorial. They can also see whether or not they are improving. The last thing NCEA students want is knowing they haven't learned anything or haven't grown their NCEA abilities. That would be a waste of their parents' money, if they have hired a tutor to support the NCEA student's learning and no improvements had occurred.

Luckily, our tutor teachers at Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd know how to improve an NCEA student's confidence with their learning. So, it would definitely be a good use of their parent's money.

How can reflection be an efficient use of an NCEA student's time?

It is possible that an NCEA student will sign up to an NCEA exam prep tutorial with other tutors and not receive an adequate amount of detail towards what they actually need to improve on.

However, it is important to us at Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd, that the NCEA student has a goal and can head towards it in each of our NCEA tutorials.

We do this through activities that will promote personalised reflection and NCEA goal setting. It matters to us that we make sure each NCEA tutorial is an efficient use of the NCEA student's time as it assists with growing the NCEA student's confidence and/or abilities.

We use the goals we have developed together with our NCEA students to channel how we teach the content, too.

When you are choosing an NCEA tutorial session with a tutor, in most cases, a qualified teacher would be best suited for the job. Mainly because, qualified teachers are trained to find your strengths and weaknesses, in all situations pertaining to the NCEA subject. We have learned to provide you with activities that can help us see where you are at with your NCEA learning.

Our qualified teachers at Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd are great listeners and observers, so we are able to notice if the struggles are coming from content knowledge or if it is just a matter of self-doubt. If it is self-doubt, then we have tools to boost the NCEA student's confidence. This is so they can feel better about their learning and the NCEA exam they need to do, on their own.

What does reflection look like in our NCEA tutorials?

Our qualified teachers ask questions and assess our NCEA students. We also have conversations with them and get to know them as individuals while they are learning.

We look into how our NCEA students are feeling before, during and after we complete tasks with them, and we also praise them along the way. This makes sure we can make sound judgements of how to boost the NCEA student's abilities. Sometimes it is just a matter of self-doubt that deters the delivery of their own NCEA content knowledge.

Are you curious as to how I help my students reflect on their abilities? See the picture below to see what my goal sheets look like.

My NCEA English, Drama and Dance goal charts include:

- What the NCEA student already knows

- What they are going to focus on during the NCEA tutorial

- How well the NCEA student did during the NCEA tutorial to meet their goal(s).

(This part is completed by the end of the NCEA tutorial)

A Teacher's NCEA goal sheet
Here is one of my NCEA English tutorial goal sheets. Notice how it aligns with the student's goals and reflections.

This is why Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd's NCEA tutorials are impactful and why they would be an efficient use of your time, during your NCEA study sessions. All of our teachers know how to make the most out of all of our NCEA tutorials so that the NCEA student will improve in the areas they need support with. We also make sure we get to know our NCEA students too.

There are NCEA tutorials out there that do provide a holistic approach to subjects, rather than catering to the NCEA student's actual needs. So, make sure you do book in with us because we personalise our NCEA tutorials to suit your individual needs.

Best of luck these NCEA exams. We are here to help, when you need it.

NCEA tutorials are available now:

Tovah O'Neill

Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd






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