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Why parents find our services valuable when their children sit NCEA exams.

The year is flying by, and we have made it into our busy season. Many parents contact us for either:

1.) Support with NCEA exam prep

2.) Revision and support with NCEA assessment skills

3.) Building self-confidence for NCEA assessments

Parents see the value of our services and I will explain why in this blog.

Our online NCEA tutorials support students with their confidence and ability.
Parents value that our online NCEA tutorials support their children with their confidence and ability.

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#1: We build NCEA study notes with our NCEA students.

Our NCEA tutors work with our NCEA students to develop NCEA exam notes, together. Parents find this valuable because all notes are specific to the NCEA assessment content. Although no teacher knows the exact NCEA exam questions, we have been advised on what type of content to expect. With our qualified experience and knowledge of the NCEA subject, we are able to develop relevant NCEA study notes. Out tutorials/study sessions are also designed for the NCEA student to retain the right content knowledge. Working weekly with our online NCEA tutor teachers will mean the NCEA student can continue to develop a sound amount of NCEA notes and content knowledge to answer the questions with more confidence.

#2 Our NCEA tutorials are purposeful.

Parents value our NCEA tutorials because they understand we are qualified and experienced teachers. This means all NCEA tutorials are purposeful and cover NCEA content in a specific way that will support the NCEA learner. We know what to expect with NCEA assessment criteria and therefore build this knowledge into our NCEA tutorials. This is valuable in the eyes of parents and means all NCEA tutorials are purposeful.

#3: Immediate answers to questions and concerns about their NCEA exams.

Another great reason why parents find our tutoring services valuable is because they know their children are in very capable hands, who can provide answers to the pressing questions that students will have about their NCEA exams or NCEA subjects.

By undergoing NCEA tutorials with real qualified teachers, the NCEA student will receive effective answers to their pressing questions and/or concerns.

#4: Immediate feedback and ways to progress.

Parents find our tutoring services valuable because they are aware that real teachers can assess their children as they are tutoring them. The online tutor is able to provide suggestions and solutions to problems, and let the student know when they are on the right track. I always find when NCEA students know they are on the right track, they will take more risks and that can lead to reaching their potential.

Students who have no idea whether they are doing well or not, may end up second guessing themselves and walking through the dark. We like to shine a light on our NCEA students, making sure they know the areas that are the NCEA students' strengthens, and what areas need improvement.

Especially with NCEA external exams, NCEA students have only had one chance to practice this assessment and it is also in a different setting to what they are used to - this can cause a number of obstacles for NCEA students such as severe anxiety, confusion and also memory issues.

We are here to help with NCEA students' obstacles. We are confident teaching NCEA parents value that we are able to build students' confidence with their NCEA exams.

Book in your child's weekly NCEA tutorials today.

Tovah O'Neill

Tovah's Tutoring Company Ltd






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