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Hey parents! Here is a cheeky look at what my NCEA Drama tutorials like (Part 1)

Isn’t a tough decision parents have to make when choosing a tutor for their children. They have to consider whether or not their child is happy during the tutorial and whether or not they are benefitting from their tuition. I completely understand this. It would be wise to mention now that your child will be in safe hands if you choose Tovah’s Tutoring as we are caring and highly experienced qualified teachers. But read on to learn more about what we get up to in our tutorials.

As many parents decide to put their children into NCEA Drama tutoring close to their NCEA Drama exams, time is of the essence and it is crucial that the NCEA Drama tutorials prepare their child for their NCEA Drama examinations. Our busiest time is about a month before NCEA Drama examinations, and therefore the students who attend tutorials are after a quick look into what they need to prepare and also have a few practices so they feel ready to sit the official NCEA Drama examinations.

It is likely you are reading this wondering what our NCEA Drama tutorials are like and whether it will be a good fit for you, your child, and possibly other siblings later down the track. Well, the following series of blogs will discuss what I personally do during my NCEA Drama tutorials.

I prepare NCEA Drama students for their NCEA Drama exams.
I prepare NCEA Drama students for their NCEA Drama exams.

Make sure the NCEA Drama student is aware of what to expect:

It is important that NCEA Drama students know what it is like to sit an NCEA Drama exam. They need to see and experience the little things within an NCEA Drama external examination so that it no longer feels intimidating or overwhelming. As NCEA Drama is a practical subject, there is more demand for assistance and tutorials for the NCEA Drama examinations. It is also something I encourage more as well, since it is a different process to what the NCEA Drama students are used to.

So, this is what I like to do:

  • Show them what an NCEA Drama exam paper looks like

  • Show them how to read a paper so they know which one is the right one (especially since the majority of NCEA Drama students sit multiple papers at once, per class

  • Talk about the length of time you have to sit the NCEA Drama exam and an appropriate amount of time to allocate to each NCEA Drama exam paper

  • Talk about the strict rules to abide by in the NCEA Drama examination

  • Talk about what they should bring to their NCEA Drama exam and what not to bring

  • Talk about and show them what to do if they run out of space on their NCEA Drama exam paper

  • Practice selecting NCEA Drama questions to write about

  • Practice answering NCEA Drama exam questions

  • Practice proofreading their work so that they have included everything they’d like to include in their answers

  • Talk about what happens with your NCEA Drama assessment once it has been submitted and where to look for your final NCEA Drama grades

Check out Part 2 of this blog here.

Your child’s education matters to me. NCEA tutorials are available now in English, Drama, Dance Physics and Chemistry.

Tovah O’Neill

Tovah’s Tutoring Company Ltd



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