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Why Online Learning is a Breeze for NCEA Students: Understanding the Benefits

Students find online learning easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

Let's me tell you why in this blog.

Being present online and adapting to the world’s technological advancements is something NCEA students are very capable of doing. It also means that NCEA students find online learning a safe and easy thing to do. This is because of a variety of reasons, which is what I will explain in this blog.

Students are familiar with online learning and it will feel like being in a classroom dedicated to them.
Students are familiar with online learning and it will feel like being in a classroom dedicated to them.

NCEA students are used to learning online in the classroom.

More and more teachers are upskilling themselves to suit the needs of their learners. It is very common practice for teachers to use technology in their lessons and also encourage students to use technology while learning as well.

Some schools equipped their students with laptops, Chromebooks and/or encourage students to bring their own devices from home.

Material is also accessible from at home and homework and assessments can be completed on school friendly applications such as Microsoft Teams, Schoology, Google Classroom, and E-studee.

NCEA students use technology in their social lives.

Like all skills, if it is engrained into your everyday lives, you are likely to continue to build on the skill even without your knowledge. Technology is something that all teenagers in particular are familiar with. Socially speaking, they are present on many applications and find communicating this way with others and learning on these applications easy and normal. So naturally, if they are using technology for socialising then learning can happen in this way as well. This is because learning is also a part of their everyday lives, as they attend school five days a week as well.

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